Coating the filter bags with a specifically engineered precoat powder is an inexpensive step for protecting them from blinding on start up-and extending their service life. Upsets during start-up cause damage to the bags that manifests itself months later.

Permashield Precoat Powder

Permashield Powder has a tightly controlled particle size for maximum protection. It covers the bag surface with a porous interlocked layer that helps prevent fine particles or product aerosols from reaching the fabric matrix. Permashield Powder remains as a protective layer on the bag long after start-up and continues to add protection to the bag from blinding or attack by chemicals.

Permashield Powder is accompanied with instructions for application and trouble shooting, including recommended usage for different size baghouses as well as a step by step application guide.

Use of Permashield Precoat Powder in conjunction with Summit's Detect-A-Glow leak detection powders and light is your best assurance for a successful start-up and headache-free operation for years.