Space limitation in process plants may dictate the installation of a compact dust collector occupying minimum space. Similarly expanding an existing baghouse may not be possible due to obstacles nearby. In these circumstances installing a new cartridge collector or retrofitting the existing baghouse with pleated bags may be the only viable option despite the higher cost.

Cartridge and Pleated Bags

Summit offers closed or open end cartridges, to be used in tandem or individually in a variety of filter media for ambient or high temperature applications.

Similarly pleated filter bags are available for top load or bottom access dust collectors in a range of lengths, diameters, shapes and pleat count. For ambient temperatures we offer polyesters in a variety of finishes including expanded PTFE surface treatment in standard or static conductive versions. For high temperature application, various types of Nomex, PPS and PTFE are available. As a companion to its pleated bags, Summit offers innovative blank-off elements for increased bag separation for light weight non-agglomerating dust streams.